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Website Management, Maintenance & Updating

Website Management, Maintenance & Updating

SerendibHost provides Maintenance & Updating services to all of our clients so that you can keep your website up-to-date and changing as your business needs change and grow. We provide cost-effective application support and website maintenance services freeing you from maintaining expensive in-house support staff.

Having trouble keeping your website updated? Need an extra staff member?

Let SerendibHost be your webmaster (without the payroll and insurance costs). This service allows you to make the necessary changes to your site without the need for specialist in-house resources. Our scope of website maintenance allow clients to request updates to their website at any time. Maintenance can be done on either an update-only basis, to announce promotions or sales, or on a set schedule. This also applies to any changes you want to make after it has been created. This may include simple text changes, graphic design or adding additional complex functionality or tools to your websites.

How it Works?

Your staff send the requests to SerendibHost just as you would to a qualified staff member, and we’ll route it to the appropriate SerendibHost professional to make the changes and updates for you in a timely manner. Our attentiveness and routine maintenance services keep your site fully functional and updated. You get professional quality support in less time and with less cost than you probably would with a full-time staff person.