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End User Tutorials
Enable Anonymous FTP
Create an email autoresponder
Backing up and restoring files
Changing your contact information and password
Customizing your control panel interface
Managing Crontab
Creating a domain alias
Login to control panel as domain user
Creating a email alias
Creating a catchall email account
Creating a mail forward (redirect)
Using File Manager
Changing your FrontPage password
Creating FrontPage subwebs
Managing FrontPage users
Changing your FTP account credentials
How to get help
Becoming familiar with the control panel interface
Creating a mailing list
Login to control panel as mail user
Creating MySQL database
Password protecting a directory
Managing a database using phpmyadmin
Creating a POP email account
Using the Spam Filter and anti-virus protection
Creating a SSL certificatee
Monitoring your web site statistics
Creating a subdomain
Using webmail
Creating a web user of domain
Reseller Tutorials
Changing your contact information and password
Creating a domain
Creating a custom button
Adding custom logo
Deleting a hosting account
Managing your DNS zones
Creating a domain user
FrontPage support for a customer
Creating a new hosting account
Creating a hosting account template
Modifying a hosting account
Changing your customer’s passwords
Enable domain forwarding
Login to control panel as reseller
Changing your control panel skin
Creating a subdomain
Suspending a hosting account
Enable web applications for your customers